Welcome to the Port Hudson State Historic Site blog. Throughout the year we will update our blog with information on the Park and up coming events. So, stay tuned and come back often!

General Information:

The 643 acre site encompasses a huge battlefield, Museum and an elevated boardwalk over the breastworks in the Fort Desperate area. Other facilities include a picnic area with pavilions and restrooms. A hiking trail 6 miles long. School groups, seniors 62 & above and kids 3 & under are free. Fees for those between the ages of 4 and 61 are $4.00 per person. We are open from 9am-5pm Wednesday thru Sunday. Note: We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Along with Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day.

For March 24 & 25, 2018 Battle Reenactment information please look on our “Spotlight” page.

We have create a new Facebook Page …


Thank you, Port Hudson SHS Staff



Port Hudson State Historic Site is located on U.S. highway 61 in East Feliciana Parish, 14 miles north of Baton Rouge.

If you are using your GPS or Map Quest please be aware that they do not always work in finding us. This address 236 Hwy 61, Jackson, La. 70748 is the correct one for our park. Click the map here to find the park. For direction or information please call 1-888-677-3400 or 1-225-654-3775.



17 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Love your blog! Can you have a look at https://www.robesandcloaks.com and tell us if this is of interest for you for a blog/interview?

  2. I went to the re-enactment this year (2018), and my family and I had a good time there. We loved all of the period pieces, dancing, and my son loved all of the swords! I will say thought that the kids thought that the canons were loud. Didn’t expect them to be so loud. We still had a ton of fun though. I made a video and thought that I’d share my experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GfAQ5LkV3g

  3. Bob Loring says:

    14 June 1863. Lost my GG Grandfather on Priest Cap. (Union).

    • Gerry Fox says:

      Jun 14 1863 • Port Hudson, Louisiana, USA is the date my GG Uncle died. he was a lieutenant however, I cannot find his burial plot anywhere.

      • Bob Verney says:

        Are you aware of the National Cemetery at the bottom quadrant of the map, coming in from the highway? The road will also lead you up to the Historic Gibben’s House, which is privately owned & NO Trespassing, on the right. The home exchanged hands from Confederate to Union, and was also used as a field hospital. There were, at the time of our visit, remnants of artillery and mortar shells along the side of the house, which were gathered by the families who farmed the land post Civil War era. Another Battle Map which I have from a history book, shows the spelling of the home owner at the time of the siege, erroneously as Gibbon’s. A small family cemetery in the rear of the home, identifies the graves of the Gibben’s children. My maternal great grandfather, 2nd Lt. James Brownell Riker, served at Port Hudson with the Vermont Volunteers, 1st Battery – Light Artillery under Capt. Hebard. James, survived, but there were casualties and wounded from his unit engaged in fighting from 1862 through 1864, when James’ enlistment of three years ended, and he returned to Montpelier, VT..
        Bob Verney, Sr.

      • Bob Verney, Sr. says:

        NO THANK YOU.  REV


  4. Gerry Fox says:

    I would love to see the reenactment (when is it?) my great Uncle Valorus Randall was killed on June 14, 1863 in that battle, he was a lieutenant in the Confederate War. Gerry Randall Fox

  5. FYI: The Port Hudson State Historic Site’s next reenactment has been rescheduled from March 22 & 23 to March 29 & 30, 2014. The date has been changed due to conflicts with other sites’ programs.

  6. On Saturday, August 10, at 10:00 AM at the Port Hudson State Historic Site National Park Ranger Kerry Jones, from the Vicksburg National Military Park will do a presentation on the importance of Vicksburg and Port Hudson during the Civil War, and the links between the two sites.

  7. Still making a few changes to the blog…be sure to check it out!!

  8. I can’t wait to come visit. You were closed during my Vicksburg trip, so we’ll have to get back when you are open. Until then, I’ll look forward to updates.

  9. We have made some changes and updates on our blog. Check it out!!

  10. Bob Martin says:

    My GGRaandfather was in the Battle for Port Hudson.
    Would love to be on all/any mailings.
    Bob Martin

  11. We would love it if you would add us to your blogroll http://bayousegnettesp.wordpress.com/


  12. sealrw says:

    Very nice tour this evening. Enjoyed the ghost stories and beautiful night sky.

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