Attention Teacher!


Each Fall and Spring here at Port Hudson State Historic Site we hold what we call Living History School Days. These special programs are geared toward the education of school groups and are held in the spring and fall every year. Each Living History School Day program begins at 9:00 am and continues till noon. Interpretive and volunteer staff will start the day off with a “Bang” by demonstrating and firing the 42-pound cannon near the Museum. Once the cannon has been fired school groups will be divided into smaller groups and directed to their starting station. As your group goes to each station you may see such things as civil war musket and soldier life demonstrations, civil war medical demonstrations, town ball demonstrations(precursor to baseball)this one is interactive with the students, camp fire cooking,  model gun boat demonstration(this demonstration explains the river part of the battle of Port Hudson using model gun boats on our small pond), civil war period music, and much more.

All demonstrations are over at noon and you are welcome to stay and have a picnic lunch with your group. We have a large picnic area with pavilions and restrooms.

If you are not able to join us for one of our Living History School Days we do offer self guided and guided tours of the park throughout the year. These tours include things like touring the museum and viewing a film on the battle (self-guided) to musket demonstrations and a mile hike to Fort Desperate (guided). If you would like and it is within our means staff wise to do so we also can send an Interpretive Ranger to your school for a civil war medical demonstration. To arrange a civil war medical demonstration at your school we need you to contact us at your earliest convince to arrange for an Interpretive Ranger to come to your school so that we may make sure that the date you are requesting is available.

Living History School Days are open to both Home Schools and Public Schools. We are limited to 300 people for each of these school days. So please register your groups early to save your spot.

For any other time that you would like to bring your school group out to Port Hudson State Historic Site, please call at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule a date for your group. This allows us to make sure that we have enough staff on duty for that day and to make sure that we are not already booked full on that day. We look forward to your visit. See you soon!

For more information please call us at 1-800-677-3400 or locally at 1-225-654-3775.

School Day Program Dates for Fall 2017 & Spring are as follows:

Fall 2017 is set for October 20th

Spring 2018 is set for April 27th

Please call as soon as possible to schedule your group.

Dates are subject to changes as needed by the Port Hudson State Historic Site Staff.

Port Hudson SHS Staff                       



5 Responses to Attention Teacher!

  1. State testing is scheduled for the last week of April. This may be something that you want to schedule around in the future.

  2. New dates have been put up for School Days! Check them out and call to schedule you’re group as soon as you can.

  3. My family name is Hudson. Where can I find the full history of for whom Port Hudson is named?

  4. When is the homeschool living history day? I’ve seen different dates listed on a couple of websites and in the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine.

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