Things of Interest

We were featured in a issue of The Blue & Gray magazine. Find your copy at link below!

New Project in the works!!

We are in the process of having a Eartwork structure built in the open field located near the museum. This field is where our battle takes pleace every year for our Reenactment. We feel this structure will add to our battle event and be something new for our reenactors to play on and around for our furture battles. The new Earthworks should be ready for our 150th Anniversary!!

Below are some photos of our new sally port! Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Things of Interest

  1. A recent episode of Antiques Roadshow included the battlefield grave marker of Major James Bogart, 162nd NYV, killed by an artillery shell at Port Hudson. The family retrieved the remains in February 1864. A transcript of the interview and appraisal is available on the below link:–201504A37

  2. Thank you for posting this. It has been posted on our FB pages as well!

  3. The below book link contains an interesting account of the 1987 Port Hudson Cemetery archaeological survey and locating military graves. See Chapter 26 (pages 132-138):

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