Battle Siege Of Port Hudson March 24 & 25, 2018

The Port Hudson S.H.S. near Zachary will host the annual reenactment of the siege of Port Hudson on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 & 25, 2018.  Between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM both days, visitors will have access to volunteer reenactors in Union and Confederate campsites performing typical activities of the assaults.  Soldiers dressed in authentic reproduction uniforms will be on hand to answer questions pertaining to the siege during the summer of 1863.  The three branches of the services – artillery, cavalry and infantry – will be portrayed, as well as cooks, laundresses and sutlers.


FOR March 24 & 25, 2018 AT PORT HUDSON SHS

Please be advised that the schedule below is subject to changes by the Port Hudson SHS staff.

Scheduled of events for the weekend:

Saturday, March 24th
Sunday, March 25th
10 a.m. Duel demonstration on Main Field 10 a.m. Re-enactor church service at Museum Cannon Platform
11 a.m. Artillery demonstration on north end of Main Field Noon Duel in Main Field
Noon Civil War Dance class behind museum 12:30 p.m. Artillery Demonstration on north end of Main Field
1 p.m. Gunboat demonstration at pond 1:30 p.m. Battle on Main Field
2 p.m. Battle on Main Field 2:30 p.m. Medical demonstration at Sutlers’ Row
3 p.m. Medical demonstration at Sutlers’ Row 3 p.m. Gunboat demonstration at museum pond

The reenactment battle scenarios for both Saturday and Sunday will be the Battle of Plains Store and Slaughter’s Field.

Ø      All day (both days) – interpretive demonstrations at camp site next to museum tower.

Ø      View scale reproduction model gunboat fleet on pond by museum parking lot

Ø      Cold drinks and Concessions are on sale by the Zachary High School Band.

Ø      Visit the Union or Confederate campsites at your leisure.

Ø      Picnic Area available across the large field.

Ø      Visit the Sutlers to purchase authentic reproduction Civil War merchandise.





3 Responses to “Spotlight!”

  1. The students can take pictures and have pamphlets signed by members in individual units participating in the reenactment. Have the students visit the different camps and talk with the various units onsite. I will be more than happy to take pictures with them and answer any questions they have. Scott A. Darnall Boone’s Louisiana Battery (Confederate Artillery)

  2. I am doing the same thing with my students and I told them to take pictures, interview, pick up pamphlets from the museum, etc.

  3. Is there any document available at the reenactment to allow my students to show that they attended? I am offering bonus points!

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